Somewhere Between Texas and Montana

I’ll start with the two very basic questions you would ask anyone you would meet at a bar:
“What is your name?”
“Where are you from”

My name is Kayla.

I’m from…Somewhere between Texas and Montana, and NO I’m not talking about Colorado.

I’ll be honest. I really hate answering the where are you from question. Not because I’m embarrassed or afraid to tell people, but because I really don’t have a good answer.

You see, there are those of us who never really stayed in one place for too long. Some are called Army Brats, some are called kids with single parents. Then theres those of us who had a “normal” family. A mom, a dad who works hard, and siblings and cousins and the whole lot, but who never really stayed in one place for too long. So when people ask you where you’re from, you get to paint them the picture you want to paint.

If its someone from Montana asking me, I’ll usually tell them i’m from Twin Bridges, Montana. I’ll leave out the part that i moved there when I was 13 from Texas and that I actually live 10 miles out of town in a tiny town called Silver Star. Well no not even in Silver Star, its 2 miles up the road towards Twin Bridges. And if they are not from a small town in Montana they’ll usually scratch their head and say where is Twin Bridges. Then i’ll say its by Dillon, Montana. Which i don’t want to do, because i don’t really like Dillon, and don’t want to be associated with it, but I have to because it gets the point across. You have to tell Montanan’s you are from Montana. Otherwise they ask if you are from California or give you this wierd look like “Get Out”. I know the look because I give it.

If its someone not from Montana, and they are asking me when I’m in Montana, I’ll probably tell them i’m from Butte. Which I guess I technically am. I was born here and live here now. But i’ll skip the part about me moving from Butte when I was 9 months old to Sugar Land, Texas, and how I moved back here to go to college in 2009, and how i’ve lived here ever since.

If i’m in Texas, I usually say i’m from Montana. I don’t go into what town i’m from because nobody from Texas knows of any towns in Montana. To them, if it’s not in Texas, then why worry about it you know? But i usually do squeeze in a part about how I grew up in Sugar Land, Texas and then moved to New Braunfels, Texas and lived there from age 5-13. In Texas, you have to say you belong there somehow, but they aren’t as particular as Montanan’s about you being “foreign”. Texas has maintained its friendliness through the years.

Its much easier to tell people you are from one place than to launch into your life story about how you moved around all the time. I mean if your at a bar talking to someone you don’t know and asking them where they are from, you’ve only got one of two things on your mind. 1. I’m lonely and need a friend. 2. I’m lonely and need to be kissed. Sometimes in reverse order. And launching into a sob story about how you don’t know where you’re from will not get you a friend or laid.


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