What Happened?

What Happened?

You used to be
So full of life
So full of energy
So full of anger
So full of sadness
So full of everything

What are you now
But a numb pile of bricks

You used to pile those bricks up
Knock them down
Build them up

This cycle of happiness
This cycle of pain
What happened to that girl
Who used to just push through the pain?

Somewhere I know she’s buried
Somewhere I know she hides
She’s waiting for you to let her out
So you can again feel life

You can’t be numb
Even if its what you wished for
Pain makes things real
Sure it makes things suck
But it makes them real

You had better take some time this summer
To write a poem everyday
No more of this numb crap
And stuffing things away

If they don’t like it
They can put their beliefs on someone else
You’re a flame that must be tended
And never left to go out

Shake things up
Make things crazy
Don’t you dare stay stagnant
Feel everything you can
And do it now
You only have a year left
Before you grow up
Before you’re forced to calm down

So shake it up
Don’t walk the path,
Run it.

This life is short.
So quit freaking wasting it.


3 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. I loved this and identified with a lot of it. Some of the lines, I wrote in my daily planner so I could remember. Very inspiring …… kick butt stuff. “Life is short. So quit freaking wasting it!” Classic. Thank you for writing your heart.

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