Socrates (Ze Kitty)


Socrates. Photo by: Kelsey Marie Photography.


No not the philosopher
Although, she might as well be one
Asleep on the window sill
Purring at the base of the heater
She sits silently for hours each day

I assume she’s pondering life
What else would a tiny kitty be doing?
Soc (for short) could be a Russian spy,
After all she has a Russian-American accent.

Her black and white Calico coloring
Suits her personality quite well
Sometimes she’s black
and sometimes she’s white
Sometimes she’s happy and content
Sometimes she’s clawing at all the loose paper
On my desk.

What really is upsetting to her however,
Are the birds outside my apartment.
She sits on the window sill
and flips her tail furiously at
These nasty old pigeons in the alleyway on the side of
My 100 year-old red brick apartment
They sit within inches of her
Yet she’ll never catch them
As they are on the other side of an old window
That’s been painted shut

She whines upsettingly at them
And plops herself off the ledge
With a furious “brreowww”
And she makes her way back to me
She does figure-eights around my ankles
Until she finally jumps up into my lap
Where she begins to knead herself to sleep

Who is zis kitty one might ask?
One can never be too sure.
Shes crazy and happy and needy all at once
As I suppose most kitties are.

The only thing I know about her for sure
Is that she absolutely loves me.

ImageSocrates. Photo by: Kelsey Marie Photography.


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