Texas is a Part of Me

Texas is a Part of Me

Sometimes it will hit me
Like I’m running into a wall
And then something pulls at me
And tugs inside of me
And I get a sense of longing
And a sense of sadness
That I can’t ever cope with

And as much as I’ve tried to forget that place
It keeps stirring inside of me
Its part of who I am
Part of what made me
Part of how I view the world everyday
The heat from those days
Still burns inside of me

And yet its that heat I search for
It’s a million people crowded in a city
It’s a hot plate of Tex-mex food
Or a cold Shiner beer
Its my family and I laughing on the river
And me being pushed into a lake
The water rushing above me
and the unseen happiness on my face

The humidity of the gulf coast
Curling my hair
Searching for crawdads in the river bed
That unbearable heat
Only cured by a glass of iced tea

And as much as I try to run from it
Texas is a part of me
In Montana
They don’t understand
Why I cook enough for an army
Why my food tastes so good
And why I sometimes prefer the heat

It burns in my skin
And makes me feel alive
Brings back all those memories
Those smiles, laughs, and cries
Texas I miss you
And your often on my mind

Somewhere near Bastrop

Somewhere near Bastrop, Texas


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