All The Difference

The cloak of fear lay over me like a heavy blanket

I had been stumbling forward blindly
Searching for something
Feeling along the cracks and crevices of this tunnel
For a familiar pattern

I found nothing.

Until one day my tired hand
brushed against a tiny thread
It wasn’t by chance I had found it
It was as though upon grabbing it
I knew I had been moving towards it
All along.

That single thread
I held on to,
And I began to unravel what had been keeping me in the dark
Row by row,
Fear after fear
I became stronger,

And I finaly saw with clarity for the first time
A flicker of light
A ray of hope
And even though I was still in darkness
And even though i didn’t know where i was
I knew i wasn’t alone

It was I that was holding me back
I was afraid to move forward
I was doing this to myself
I was perpetuating the darkness

And knowing this makes
All the difference


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